Our Culture

Hair Is Everything

Our Mission

Hair Make Life Better

Our Vision

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1. Become the leader of human hair industry

2. Ran our company more than 100 years

3. Become the place where our employee can make their dream come true

Our Core Value

I. Customers always take the first priority
1. Respect each other, and always maintain the image of the company;
2. Give immediate response to customersa�� needs without delay, and solve the problems actively;
3. Stand in the customersa�� shoes in case of any problems occur, and satisfy both parties without violating the principles and regulations;
4. Have excellent service awareness, and take all the potential risks into account.
5. Become commercial partners with customers, and realize mutual development and win-win result.

II. Teamwork
1. Integrate into the team actively, be willing to accept colleaguesa�� help, and cooperate with the others to complete assignments;
2. Give conducive advice in decision-making process, and fully participate in group discussion; give absolute support and respect to the decisions of the team regardless of individual opinions;
3. Share business knowledge and experience actively, offer necessary help and make the most of team strength to solve problems and difficulties;
4. Cooperate with colleagues of different personalities, never take personal preferences into the work, and fully carry out the principle of “to the problem, not the man” ;
5. Have a sense of ownership, and try to exert positive impact on the team, the morale and the atmosphere.

III. Embrace Changes
1. Adapt to the company’s daily changes, and never complain about it;
2. Maintain rational attitudes and obtain effective communication and sincere cooperation during changes;
3. Realize self-adjustment in case of any difficulties and setbacks brought by changes, and have positive impact on colleagues;
4. Have forward-looking awareness, and blaze new trail in method and thinking pattern;
5. Create changes and make breakthroughs.

IV. Integrity is the essence
1. Be honest, practice what you preach, and resist any lure and pressure;
2. Ideas should be expressed accurately via correct channels and procedures; conducive advice should be provided while delivering any criticisms;
3. Do not spread unconfirmed gossips or rumors irresponsibly, and try to guide the others in a positive way;
4. Have the courage to confess mistakes and take the according responsibilities; deal with problems objectively and forbid dishonest behaviors;
5. Implement the requirements above consistently.

V. Extreme Implementation
1. Master the basic skills, and do the right things;
2. Make summary of previous work and strive for excellence during the process of implementation;
3. Work in a result-oriented way; half-way execution equals to no execution;
4. Set higher goals and always for better results;

VI. Dedication
1. Love the company and your own work, and agree with the corporate culture;
2. Only work in working hours, and avoid repeated mistakes caused by negligence;
3. Never put off what should be done today till tomorrow, and always follow the necessary procedures;
4. Study continuously for self-improvement, and be able to arrange work according to order of priority;
5. Follow but do not rigidly adhere to procedures, simplify what is complicated, and obtain better results with less investment.

Have fun at work

Work takes up most of your life, once you choose a job, love it. Turn work into a part of your life which you feel happy.

Live a fulfilling life

Everyonea��s life is the same, which is the best fair thing. But no one can call it back, so cherish every second of your life.

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